New Way

Our New Way Services are held in the Memorial Hall every Sunday at 9.45am.

New Way is an informal service, with Music Bands, and provides a focal Christian message which can include times of discussion, activities, and creative times of prayer.

The Hall is transformed each Sunday as we 'build' our Church, and we have refreshments available all the time. Tables are set up in the hall early, so that children can start making things as soon as they arrive. 

                                                  Summer 2017 - Faith in Action


Not sure how to help spread the Good News, love, peace and joy of Jesus Christ?

Join us this summer for 7 weeks of practical teaching based on the CofE 5 marks of mission!

                           16 July - How to confidently proclaim the Good News

                           23 July - Baptism - The sign of New Birth

                           30 July - Loving Service - (Part one - Love your Neighbour)

                           6 August - Loving Service - (Part two - Love your enemy)

                           13 August - Love Mercy, Act Justly, Walk Humbly with God

                           20 August - "God saw it was good" - How to keep God's creation good

                           27 August - One Church, One Faith, One Lord

                                9.45 @ New Way, Memorial Hall, Manor Rise, Bearsted   

Creche, Seekers and Rock Solid

The Hall is fully used as Seekers (the younger children), and Rock Solid (the youth) go to their own rooms and activities, and join with the whole congregation at the beginning and end of every service.

There are crèche facilities, for the under 4's, at every service, and we love to have these children and their parents with us, and provide a relaxed atmosphere for all to enjoy.


There are slight changes during the month.

On the fourth Sunday of the month we have an informal Holy Communion at the end of our Service. We want people to feel relaxed so it's alright to come and partake of bread and wine if you are confirmed, or to come forward for a blessing. If you want to stay in your seat, that's fine too.

We have had a Family Service on the third Sunday of the month, and recently branched out by having 'Messy Church' at Thurnham School once a term at 9.45am on Sunday morning.

This has become so popular that Messy Church, see below, has replaced the Family Service at the Memorial Hall every second Sunday, except for the one occasion each term when it is held at the school.

When Messy Church is happening (whether at Thurnham School or the Memorial Hall) the adults now have a new Service, held upstairs, of Worship, Bible Study and Prayer.

We also have 'Worship 60' from time to time, which is an hour of worship music, led by our 'Garage Singers'. This normally takes place on a Sunday afternoon or evening. The next Worship 60 is on 11th June. See Flyer.