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The Church yard has been recently cut and the large
mound cleared away – please take a look


There will be a funeral service of Thanksgiving for
Brenda Spencer on Monday 21st August at 12noon.
Donations in memory of Brenda to be given in aid
of Motor Neuron Disease Associtation. The family
invite you to join them for refreshments after the
service at 14 Otteridge Road, Bearsted.


Arnold Yoke, Back Street, Leeds on 19th August from
2-6pm. Tea and cakes available. Proceeds to the
Broomfield Church Tower Appeal.


Messy Church is changing. Our next service is on
Sunday 17th September and it will now start at
3.30pm, still in Thurnham School hall. At the end of
the service we will share afternoon tea with the
families. If any of you are able to come along and
help out at the new time that would be lovely. I am
also looking for some people to help to prepare
some sandwiches, nibbles, fruit and cakes for the
afternoon tea. If any of you are able to help with
anything please contact me on Tel: 739642 or
 curate@holycrosschurch.co.uk     Melissa


Janice Gillard is to be enrolled into Mothers’ Union
on Sunday 3rd September at the 9.45am service at
Holy Cross. The Archdeaconry MU President,
Mrs Jean Sweetman will be in attendance.


The New Way team are about to launch an exciting new project in the Autumn and we need your prayers and help!  We want you to help us create an updated vision, routed in prayer, from which we can develop our worship and role in the wider community - Our mission.
We will learn more about this on Sunday 3 September so please make a special effort to come along to our service that morning. 

In addition please can you keep one of the following dates free to come and give us your ideas to help create a new vision:

Monday 4 September, 7.30 to 9.30 pm
Sunday 10 September, 7 to 9 pm
Wednesday 13 September, 7.30 to 9.30 pm
On Sunday 8 October, there will be an insight into Mission at our New Way Service and then we would ask you to keep the following date free as we turn our Vision into Mission:

Saturday 14 October, 1 to 3 pm - bring a sandwich, hot drinks provided

This is your chance to have your say, re-energise and lead New Way forward to ensure the worship is appealing, that we attract new people and  build our profile within the community.  We need your prayerful input so please put the dates in your diary now! 

Thank you.          

The New Way Team


Organ recital at St Nicholas Church, Otham on Sunday 27th August at 3pm. Bridge Afternoon with Tea and raffle in St Nicholas Church on Thursday 14th September from 2pm – 5pm tickets are available on Md. 861245 at £10


A big thank you to everyone who has donated practical aid for the refugees in Syria and Iraq over the last few months or have helped at the sorting and boxing days, helped with storage or helped with transport. Click here for a full update.


Our annual evening of great acts, great food and great company will be on Saturday 30th September, starting at 7pm. Why not put an act together? If you have a poem, a skit – anything at all, please contact me. Tickets will be available from Michelle Mackey soon.                      Sandra Knatchbull.


Request for a volunteer/volunteers to take over distribution of the Parish Magazine. I have been
responsible for the distribution of the Bearsted & Thurnham Parish Magazine for many years and I feel
now is the time to put in a request for someone else to take on the task. I am willing to carry on until the end of the year. The task entails collecting 8 or 9 boxes of the magazine from the printers on the last Friday the last Sunday of each month. They are then put into named folders, taken into church for the 56 or so people to distribute around the village. There are a few other recipients around the village, such as other churches, local surgery and libraries etc. Will anyone willing to take on this task, please contact Terry Oliver on 01622 738117 Many thanks Terry.


The text from the Lent Talks can be found on The Lent Talks 2017  page


These are found 1- in the gallery, 2 in front of the tower screen on the south side, 3. By the sound
desk,4. At the base of the tower by the external door, 5. In the general lobby, 6. Top of the steps to
the organ loft.
Please in the first instance use one of the carbon dioxide extinguishers as these are smaller and
lighter to use. They can be easily recognised by the funnel shape. Please only use the carbon dioxide
extinguishers on an electrical fire. However always have a regard to your own physical safety first. 


Las Dulcecitas – las Dulcecitas is part of a project in Huanchaco, N Peru. Its purpose is to empower women - mostly single mums, unsupported financially and educationally – to lift themselves out of poverty, to earn enough money to support their children and to gain confidence and self - respect.
Our daughter together with two other volunteers worked with these women last year, teaching and helping them to help themselves.
The project is blossoming but to be sustainable the mums now need a purpose built kitchen. It will cost $4,500 in total and they are slowly edging to their target.
https://www.gofundme.com/bakingworkshop or ask the Tates!


Canon John Corbyn, Rector of the North Downs Team writes:
The North Downs Team Ministry (NDTM) came into being on October 5th 2016 and at the end of that month we had a launch service at Hollingbourne.  Has the heavenly Jerusalem landed on our green and pleasant land because of this?  No.  But then we didn’t actually think it would.
The creation of the team is simply a step on a journey.  It is not a new journery, we have been on that journey for a long while.  We have been neighbours ever since there were settlements and churches in the shadow of the North Downs.  For 20 years or so we have been working together in the North Downs Deanery and before that in the Sutton Deanery.
In fact there have been all kinds of links over the years.  For several decades after the war Detling and Thurnham were in the same benefice before being linked with Boxley and Bearsted respectively.  Personally, since the departure of Susan Hollins and Nigel Fry I have been taking worship at St John’s, Leeds and Broomfield, and Hollingbourne schools.  In retrospect that feels like a step towards the team ministry.  Since getting to know the congregations of the team better in recent months I have renewed friendships with people I have met in other contexts over the years and now realise that people I have me in other contexts are worshippers at our churches.
Friendship and relationship will be crucial if the new structures are to mean anything.  Some people get nervous with change.  That nervousness can make people defensive and even suspicious, more likely to put the worse interpretation on the actions of another rather than the best.  But we need to get over that.  We need to hope for the best from God, believe the best in each other and, together, work for the best.
Your friend and pastor, John


A huge thank you to all those who have contributed so generously both in time and money towards the
flowers in church during 2016. The rota for giving flowers for 2017 and into 2017/8 is now at the back of church.

We rely entirely on donations to the flower fund to finance all the flowers in church throughout the
year, no costs come from general church funds. Please consider carefully if you would be able to
donate flowers for one week of the year. This can be an ideal opportunity to remember a loved one or to celebrate a special anniversary or birthday and at the same time to allow others to enjoy your flowers. I am sometimes asked how much should be donated; this is a very personal matter and we
would be pleased to arrange flowers whatever the donation but it may be helpful for you to know that
we usually spend between £10 and £15. Where possible we are very happy to work to special request e.g. colours or types of flowers. Any remaining money is put towards flowers for weeks when there is no donation and for Festivals. If you would like to arrange your own flowers you would be most welcome. Why not look at the rota today and find a date that is special to you. Joan 737551


We need shoeboxes for various crafts at church – please leave them at the back of church


It is hoped that on an occasional basis members from the Ecumenical partner churches will lead
prayers and read a lesson at Holy Cross. If you are a member of the existing reader or Intercession list
and would like to volunteer to occasionally read at another church please sign the list at the back of


These can be found on Sermons and Talks page of the web-site including last Sunday's at Holy Cross. Click here or select "Sermons and Talks" from the "What's On" menu bar above.                                                                                        


From September the church office will be open on a Wednesday evening from 6.15 - 7pm.


Homegroups at Holy Cross continue to meet regularly providing an opportunity to enquire about
and discuss our faith and also to meet socially in an informal setting. 

These are the groups running at the moment:- 

  • Every or every other Monday evening - Les Smith (7 members)
  • Every other Monday evening - Julie Osborn (7 members)
  • Every other Monday evening - Ian Clark (5 members)
  • Every 1st & 3rd Tuesday evening - Peter Richardson (12 members)
  • Every Tuesday evening - Jim Gibson (10 members)
  • Every other Wednesday evening - Emma Clark (7 members)
  • Every Wednesday morning (ladies group) - Diana Sandford  (10 members)
  • Every other Thursday morning - Meryl and Peter Ashford 01622 736316 (New Group
  • Every other Thursday evening  - Juliet Mee (9 members)

All these groups welcome new members. If you are interested in joining a group please contact 

Liz Richardson - 738463