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Please note these are for information purposes and from the Talk given by Jacqui and do not represent a recommendation by Holy Cross.

For slides fom the talk click for part1 and part2 

Plastic free & palm oil free local shopping

Zero Waste on wheels – local refill company web-link 

(we request a refill delivery once a month when zero waste on wheels is due in the Maidstone/Bearsted area- dates advertised on Facebook then message to request)

Morrisons is the ‘least worst’ supermarket for single use plastic- why not take a large bag for all your fruit and veg and buy loose. Also find tinned, boxed or glass products instead of those with plastic – it is more possible than you think.  Check ingredients for palm oil.

Ethical superstore for a wide range of eco products  web-link 

( we do a monthly order to bulk buy palm oil free soap, recycled toilet rolls with no plastic, recycled kitchen roll no plastic plus more.)

The alternative consumer organization like Which

Assesses & ranks companies & products on their environmental & social impact in a shopping guide. Doing the homework so you don’t need to : web-link

Local Recycling of hard to recycle plastics 

Zero Waste on wheels – also takes a wide range of recycling including for Terracycle web-link 

Terracycle – for a wide range of hard to recycle products – see website for full list and map shows locations of collection points web-link

Morrisons soft plastics recycling web-link

Coop soft plastics recycling web-link

Contact lens & contact lens bottles recycling web-link

Shoe recycling at Clarks stores – any old or unwanted shoes web-link

Pen recycling & ink cartridges in Ryman stores web-link

Weblinks from climate talk on 17th Oct 

Triodos Bank

Only invests in environmental friendly & social enterprise projects. Peace of mind knowing your money is not being used for fossil fuel projects.  Be part of the solution not the problem. Web-link

Kent’s Plan Bee

Encourage pollinators in your gardens & work with KCC, Kent Wildlife Trust & Bumblebee Trust to join up green corridors for bees & butterflies to thrive web-link

Air Source Heat Pumps for central heating & hot water (air to water) web-link

We had an LG heat pump installed in Feb 2020 before this article was published after doing some of my own research on LG as a company and as a product. Compared to other manufacturers such as Mitsubishi,  LG was better environmentally as a company and as a product.

Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive for air source heat pumps web-link

RHi is a quarterly payment from government for 7 years that pays for most of the Air Source Heat pump. The RHI is available for anyone who completes an installation before 1st April 22. 

 In our case it was £12k and we get £11.5k back from the government as £365 per quarter which we pay back to the inlaws every quarter as we borrowed the upfront cost from them)

Specialist Air source heat pump installer  list here, the installer must be MCS Accredited to get RHI ( Microgeneration Certification Scheme)

Solum GB were our installer as they were a bigger company  than some of other local installers and had the product we wanted even though they had to travel from Dorset and stayed locally all week.

We had a team of 3 installers who worked well and hard for 3 days to install the air source heat pump.

Well worth the slight inconvenience for peace of mind knowing we now heat our home & hot water without gas! web-link


Proposed International Ecocide Criminal Law – gamechanging law to hold CEO’s of companies to account for environmental destruction – please support & watch this space! web-link

CEE Bill

Climate & Environmental Emergency Bill – please support & help lobby your MP – now has 118 MP’s supporting it with cross party support. web-link

Doughnut Economics 

 a new way of organizing the economy - living within planetary & social boundaries at a city & regional level and national & international level & recently at individual level. 1st Doughnut city is Amsterdam, Cornwall aiming for Doughnut region. web-link1  web-link2

Circular Economy

Moving from  traditional linear economic model based on a 'take-make-consume-throw away' pattern, a circular economy is based on sharing, leasing, reuse, repair, refurbishment and recycling, in an (almost) closed loop, where products and the materials they contain are highly valued. web-link

Please note these are for information purposes and from the Talk given by Jacqui and do not represent a recommendation by Holy Cross.