Lent Talks 2015: Studies in Romans 5-8

This year's Lent Talks took place at Holy Cross on 25/2, 4/3,11/3, 18/3 and 25/3. 

John Corbyn writes:

Soon after last year's well received series on John 1 I thought about this year and my mind went to John Stott's little book 'Men Made New' on Romans 5-8.  This was a published version of his Keswick Talks of 1965.  This was a book I read as a student and found stunning - I think that is the only way of describing it.  Last Summer I re-read the book which had lost none of its glister. John Stott was the most eloquent speaker and writer.  He had a wonderful gift of bringing clarity, order and insight to whatever bible passage he addressed.  Some of the material from 'Men made new' was incorporated in his later Bible Speaks Today commentary on Romans.  John Stott in his introduction to 'Men Made New' writes of these chapters, 'They are without doubt among the greatest and most glorious chapters of the whole New Testament'.

The Lent talks were composed of extracts from his two books on Romans with some further reflection and application where this seems helpful.

The following Lent Talks are now available

Talk 1: Introduction to the series and Romans 5 part 1 (transcript)

Talk 2: Rejoicing in suffering and the Assurance of Glory (transcript)

Talk 3: United with Christ and freed for holiness transcript audio

Talk 4: Romans 8 - Life in the Spirit 1 transcript audio part 1 audio part 2

Talk 5: Romans 8 - Life in the Spirit 2 transcript audio