Canon John Corbyn will give another series of Lent Talks this year.  He will look at the Epistle to the Hebrews.

The talks will take place at 11am and 8pm on the five mid Wednesdays of Lent between March 9th and April 6th.  Coffee and tea will be available before the talks. The talks will conclude with Midday Prayers and Compline respectively.

John writes: Though this book is generally less familiar than many other New Testament books it has long been a favourite of mine. 

It would be helpful for those attending to read the whole book through in advance to gain an overview as we shall only be able to look at a small part of Hebrews together. 

I will use the NRSV version you may like to read this or your own version.

If you don't have a hard copy NRSV you can use the BibleGateway website and choose NRSV Anglicised version (NRSVA). 

You might also like to read a freer translation such as The Message. To do this search 'The Message online'. 

Alternatively, you may like to listen to an audio book version - these are readily available for free on the internet just search 'Epistle to the Hebrews audiobook'. 

The audiobooks are about 50 minutes in length - so make a cup of tea or pour a gin and tonic and settle down to read or listen! 

Note down any questions that arise and email them to me at office@holycrosschurch.co.uk I will try and answer them either in my talks or in a Q and A time. 

If you miss the talks the narrative will be published below:

March 9th. Talk 1  

March 16th. Talk 2 

March 23rd. Talk 3

March 30th. Talk 4

April 6th. Talk 5

If you wish to listen to the talks they are available here on the New Way Website.