Parish Magazine

In the current Covid-19 circumstances the April Edition will not be available. Some content has been provided to the web-site and is available here. 

The Magazine is often provided with poems and has recently received the following "time sensitive" poem:

Covid 19

Covid 19
New coughs and sneezes are about
and no-one knows the cure.
You’ll run a fever, then can’t breathe,
Some die of this, whilst some endure.

Hospitals don’t seem to cope,
Not enough beds for all.
Spreading fast throughout the world.
Backs are soon against the wall.

Vaccines elude the research workers
Wash hands with twenty scrubs,
Gels and soap in short supply,,
Hotels are closed and pubs.

Schools and libraries, offices and shops,
Planes and trains and ferry boats
all shut down like there’s a war.
The Bank of England just afloat..

Wall Street, The Mint, the dollar and the yen.
are sliding downhill every day.
Stocks and Shares, loans and Interest,
Panic leads to feet of clay.

Wives and mothers stand in queues
to get their share of goods.
Panic-buyers empty shelves,
Loo rolls, disinfectant, long-life foods.

Two metres distant, don’t shake hands,
new rules that people strive to keep.
Use online shopping, no group meetings,
Still try to exercise, get healthy sleep..

I feel OK, I’ve not got fever,
Got most I need inside the larder.
Looks as if we’ll crack this virus.
If we don’t, well.......
We could not have striven any harder.

Eliza Jean.


Firstly, I hope that you are all well and heeding the Government guidelines for staying safe.

Unfortunately, despite our best endeavours to get some semblance of a parish magazine out this month, we were, ultimately, beaten by the clock and the latest lockdown, which meant the closure of our printer.

However, we had already decided to halt publication for the foreseeable future: firstly, we have no church services to advertise, nor do we have any upcoming events to publicise.

More importantly, many of our valued distributors are retired, over 70 or in the ‘at risk’ category, so it would be foolish in the extreme to expect them to continue delivering the magazine, jeopardising their own personal health. 

It is such a shame that all our wonderful Easter events have had to be cancelled, along with all the various churches’ celebrations.  My heart especially goes out to all those who had weddings and special parties planned – and to those now unable to visit their elderly relatives, either at home or in care.

For those of you who have the internet, there are plenty of resources out there to keep you from going stir crazy while ‘self isolating’ ‘social distancing’  - or remaining in quarantine (as we used to call it in the ‘old’ days !)

You will find everything from keep fit groups, to choirs, shared chats, forums – a surprising wealth of initiatives have sprung from our dire situation. 

My personal thanks must go out to the amazing people of Bearsted’s CVD-19 Help Team, who have truly shown us what a great village we live in. Within a matter of days, this resourceful group of people had amassed sufficient volunteers to leaflet drop every house in the village, with contact numbers offering help with shopping, collecting medication, posting mail – or making just a friendly phone call. 

Please do make use of this service – especially if you are elderly or at high risk; it’s really not worth putting yourself at risk because you don’t like asking for help. If these people didn’t want to help, they wouldn’t have offered – so remember that!  Please, please do not take chances. I know quite a few people who have come down with this virus and it’s really not pleasant. 

Here’s to our next edition ……. whenever that may be!  In the meantime, remember the mantra