Past Vicars

Past Vicars of Bearsted
Affixed to the South wall of the nave is the Vicars of Bearsted board, this goes back to the reign of Henry III (1216-1272) It is believed to be virtually complete, and is mainly the work of the Rev. Walter Harold Yeandle (Vicar of Bearsted 1944 -1952), to whose learning and industry much of the material used in this account of the Church is attributable, a Church he loved and served so faithfully.


 Prior and Canon of Leeds.



 Peter, Chaplain of Berghstede, temp. Henry III



 John de Faversham



Richard de Hoo 



 William de Bredeshale



 Jordan de Chishelle



 Thomas Plomer



 William de Wydehy



 William Leringe



 Richard Grigge/Richard Botyngton



 Thomas Birran



 William Mildenhale/Richard atte Watere



 John Partridge



 John Crisping



 William Gouxhill



 Robert Bylton



 Reginald Metcalfe



 Robert Rowe



 Mr Richard Day



 Robert Marshe MA



 Dean and Chapter of Rochester



 Stephen Singuldon



 Tanguid Bealecke



 John Braynford



 Christopher Sprott



 Henry Pausson MA



 Thomas Angood MA



 Richard Sheldon DD



 John Shawley BA (dispossessed during the Commonwealth, but restored in 1660)



 Francis Drayton



 John Collins MA



 Thomas Gregory BA



 Francis Smyth MA



 Thomas Woodhouse



 Henry Dering MA



 Thomas Price



 James Hales MA (Minor Canon of Rochester)



 Henry Rand MA BD



 Samual Markham BCL (Minor Canon of Rochester)



 Henry Jones MA (Minor Canon of Rochester)



 Arnold Carter MA (Minor Canon of Rochester)



 Richard Jacob MA  



 Charles Cage MA  



 Frederick St. Leger Baldwin BA



 Frederic Otway Mayne MA  



 John Scarth AKC (Hon. Canon of Rochester)



 Thomas Godfrey Law Lushington MA JP (Rural Dean of Sutton) Patron: The Archbishop of Canterbury.



 Frederick John Blamire-Brown MA



 George Arthur Mence Griffiths MA



 Richard Arthur Felix Parsons



 Walter Harold Yeandle MA AKC



 John Sanderson Long MA



 John Henry William Willmington AKC



 Frederick Charles Waghorne MA LTh



 Peter William Poole MA



 Alan Arthur Duke



 Geoffrey Harold Sidaway (Hon. Canon of Canterbury,
 Rural Dean of Sutton)