We Will Remember them: One By One

Wherever possible on the centenary of their death we will gather at the place from which they departed for service and hold a short act of remembrance and place a wreath.

Details of those remembered will appear here along with, where possible some narrative.

George Henry Penfold                            15th October 1914 

George Vernon Holmes                          3rd May 1915

Sydney Phillip Hyde                               30th May 1915

George Taylor                                        29th August 1915

George James Clarke                              25th September 1915

Thomas Ashdown Golding                       28th September 1915

George Madder Hannan                          13th October 1915

Thomas Slender                                     12th February 1916

Reginald Walter Ball                                31st May 1916

David Andrew Cathcart                           13th July 1916

Thomas Louis Allcorn                              30th July 1916

Arthur Wilkinson                                     4th August 1916

William Benton                                       17th August 1916

John William Sage                                  31st August 1916

Thomas Richard Simpson                        12h September 1916

Frederick Christian Message                    29th September 1916

Robert Richard Rose                               30th September 1916

Alfred Cotterell                                       30th September 1916

Horrace Chapman                                   13th November 1916

George Henry Cooper                              18th November 1916